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Adam Levene MA
Adam Levene MA
Art Therapist
HCPC Registered
Member of BAAT

Art Therapy

People who might benefit are those:
With mental health problems
Who are anxious or depressed
Low self esteem
With life threatening medical conditions
Loss of meaning or direction in life
Dealing with bereavement
With Alzheimer’s or dementia
With Parkinson’s
Suffering with an eating disorder
Dealing with addictions including drugs and alcohol

I have been practicing as an HCPC registered art therapist since
2010 and am a BAAT accredited private practitioner. Over the last
10 years I have worked as an art therapist with cancer patients at
Barts Hospital and an adult mental health charity. I currently work
at two hospices in Sussex and London and run a private practice
from my garden studio in Lewes.

How I work

Underpinned by psychodynamic theory, I facilitate self awareness
from a place of not knowing, with the belief that the client is the
expert of their own subjective experience which can be expressed
both verbally and through the creative process of the art making.

Supported by neuroscience, I integrate eclectic concepts from
other therapeutic models into my practice, including mindfulness,
Buddhist psychology, mentalisation and compassion based therapy
to provide the most helpful and flexible approach to meet each
individual’s specific needs.

When working with clients, my intention is to offer a safe and supportive space that allows for each individual to work at a pace that feels right for them.

The Art Therapy process

Firstly you do not have to be ‘good’ at art. The art therapy process
of image making draws on the creativity, imagination, intuition
and insights stored in the right side of the brain which holds the
unconsious. Working together it is possible for clients to access
memories of previous experiences, thoughts and feelings.
I support clients to understand and process their emotions and
look at any parallels between past and present experiences.
Together we can look at what is useful and what to let go of.
This can help clients explore behaviors and develop strategies
for change and growth.

What is an Art Therapist?

A registered art therapist is someone who has undertaken an
approved training in art therapy at post-graduate MA level and who is
registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Their role is to provide a supportive and confidential environment in
which a person can feel free enough to use the art materials for

The art therapist then helps the person to reflect upon what they have
made and how it links to their lives.

The art therapy room offers a flexible working space, with the choice
of working at a desk and face to face. A wide selection of art materials
will be available to support your personal exploration and self
expression. The art therapist has a range of art materials, including clay, paints,
pastels and collage material. The art therapist, though not an art teacher, is able to give support in the use of the different art materials.

Please email me to arrange a telephone consultation.
Telephone: 07802 815450

Our initial contact helps us to briefly explore what
support you are seeking and to arrange
a date for a consultation session.

Deborah Mitchell
Deborah Mitchell
MBACP (accred)
Mindfulness Therapist and Facilitator

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